Pharmacy Board of Australia
Pharmacy Board of Australia

Overseas Practitioner Registration

Overseas qualified pharmacists from countries other than New Zealand, seeking general registration in Australia are required to pass an examination conducted under the auspices of the Australian Pharmacy Council (APC). Further information about the ‘Stream A’ and ‘Stream B’ examination procedures is available on the APC website. Successful candidates are then required to complete a period of supervised practice assigned to them by the Pharmacy Board of Australia.

‘Stream A’ candidates, are required to complete a full internship and must follow the procedures outlined in graduates of an approved program of study.

‘Stream B’ candidates are required to complete a shorter period of supervised practice and require limited registration for supervised practice. An Application for limited registration for supervised practice as a Pharmacist - ALPS-60 must be submitted with an Application - approval of supervised practice as a pharmacist - AASP-60  before supervised practice may be commenced:

Supervised practice must be completed in accordance with the requirements set out in the Board’s Supervised Practice Arrangements Standard. After completion of at least 75% of supervised practice hours, Stream B candidates may undertake an oral legislation assessment. After successful completion of the oral legislation assessment and assigned supervised practice hours, Stream B candidates are eligible to apply for general registration.

Further information is also available on the overseas practitioners page of the AHPRA website.

Page reviewed 2/09/2014