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Code of Conduct

03 Aug 2012

The Board has released its updated Code of Conduct after consultation.

The Board consulted on a minor amendment to the Code of conduct for registered health practitioners, which applies to pharmacists. The consultation was limited to the addition of a paragraph concerning codes of ethics and did not extend to the remaining content of the Code of conduct. The Board thanks all stakeholders who provided feedback during the consultation process. All submissions can be accessed on the Board’s website at www.pharmacyboard.gov.au/News/Past-Consultations.aspx.

The Board’s Policies. Codes and Guidelines Committee considered feedback from the submissions received before finalising its recommendations to the Board. The Board agreed to the insertion of the following paragraph into the Code of conduct:

Codes of Ethics

The Pharmacy Board of Australia advises pharmacists to also be guided by a code of ethics relevant to ethics relevant to their practice. The Board endorses the Codes of Ethics for Pharmacists 2011  published by the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia Ltd and the Code of Ethics-February 2012  published by the Society of Hospital Pharmacists of Australia. Given the definition of practice as it applies to pharmacy, other codes of ethics may also be applicable to pharmacists’ practice. Pharmacists are advised to ensure that in addition to complying with the Code of conduct for registered health practitioners that they be guided by the code(s) of ethics relevant to their practice.

The Board agreed to include hyperlinks to the websites where both codes of ethics are published rather than including the codes of ethics as appendices to the Code of conduct. No other amendments have been made to the code. The next scheduled review of the code of conduct is due to commence by 30 June 2013.

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