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Kindness in healthcare - new podcast episode

11 May 2021

Host Susan Biggar is joined by Dr Braithwaite and Dr Anna van der Gaag to discuss kindness across the healthcare spectrum, from regulatory strategies and leadership techniques, to compassion in workplaces.

Key points

  • New Taking care episode focuses on kindness in healthcare. Dr Valerie Braithwaite and Dr Anna van der Gaag discuss this emerging trend in healthcare delivery.
  • They discuss the power of kindness in leadership, compassion between practitioners and the effect on patients.
  • The challenge to balance kindness with accountability in healthcare regulation.

‘It doesn’t matter whether you’re talking about the patients and families, the staff who are caring for them, or the regulators: kindness is central to care. Whatever aspect of care you’re talking about… you have to get kindness in there as a critical ingredient.’

With these words, Dr Valerie Braithwaite sets the tone for this latest episode of Taking care, a podcast from Ahpra and the National Boards.

Reflecting on the movement in healthcare in recent years towards an emphasis on kindness in the workplace for health practitioners, in this episode we take a look upstream to what is the role of kindness in how our health professions are regulated, and what that means for our communities.

It is a critical moment for elevating kindness, Dr van der Gaag says.

‘Covid has triggered an exaltation to be kind – to be kind to others, to be kind to self – in a way, and on a scale, that we haven’t seen before.’

Dr Braithwaite and Dr van der Gaag discuss the resonance of kindness in how we regulate health practitioners, but also emphasise the possible risks when regulators prioritise kindness. It is a complex, nuanced and changing landscape of regulation and it is important to keep open dialogue, with reflective and responsive practice. 

‘Rather than asking what’s the matter with you? ... what matters to you, in terms of your care ...?’ Dr van der Gaag said.

Listen to the episode for more insights on how the kindness movement in healthcare could change the way we regulate.

Did you know?

The Taking care podcast series offers professional and consumer perspectives on current issues and answers some frequently asked questions about public safety in healthcare. Download and listen to the latest Taking care episode today. 

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