Schedule of Oral Examinations

The Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (Ahpra) conducts oral examinations in each state and territory on behalf of the Pharmacy Board of Australia. 

The number of days on which examinations will be conducted in each jurisdiction will vary depending on candidate numbers and examiner/venue availability. Following acceptance of the candidate's application, the examination candidate timetable detailing the time and place of their examination will be forwarded by email two weeks before the commencement of the examination period. Candidates are reminded that Ahpra must have correct contact details at all times.

Please note:

  1. Applicants seeking entry to the oral examinations must meet the entry criteria as published in the Pharmacy oral examination (practice) candidate guide (202 KB, PDF), Word version (226 KB,DOCX) which are that applicants must:
    1. have completed 75% of the 1824 approved supervised practice hours required for registration (1368 hours) prior to the commencement date of the scheduled oral examination period; and
    2. hold a current pass in the Board’s written examination prior to the oral examination application closing date.
  2. Applicants who do not meet the entry criteria (criteria 1a and 1b above) by the published oral examination application closing date are ineligible to undertake that oral examination.
  3. Applications received from applicants who have not met the entry criteria for the oral examination by the published application closing date will not be accepted by Ahpra.

An application form for a pharmacy intern to be a candidate for the oral examination (practice) APOE-60 can be downloaded on the Forms page. This is a paper application and must be received by Ahpra by the closing date as stated.

Applications will open for the next oral examination period once the current examination period has concluded.

Note there have been recent changes to postal delivery times and that normal deliveries may be delayed. Candidates are advised to mail applications early to avoid missing the closing date. Late applications will not be accepted.


October/November 2019

  • The examination period* will commence 8 October 2019 and conclude on 1 November 2019 
  • Applications have closed for this examination period.


The oral examination dates for 2020 are as follows and may vary from the dates previously set in 2019.

Pharmacy Oral Examination period * Applications open Applications close
11 February 2020 to
6 March 2020
2 November 2019 31 December 2019 
9 June 2020 to
3 July 2020 
7 March 2020  29 April 2020 
6 October 2020 to
30 October 2020 
4 July 2020  21 August 2020 

* For the Examination period - examinations will not be conducted on every day during these examination periods. The specific dates on which examinations will be conducted in each jurisdiction will be confirmed after the closing date for each examination period and detailed in timetables sent to candidates. For each examination period, the examination dates selected within the date range quoted is dependent on venue and examiner availability and candidate numbers. Candidates should not assume that specific dates are available and should make themselves readily available for the examination period. Candidate sessions are randomly allocated and will not be changed.

Late applications will not be accepted.

Contact us

For all enquiries regarding the Pharmacy oral examination, please email

Below are the Ahpra staff members responsible for delivering examinations for each jurisdiction.

State or territory Ahpra staff member name
Australian Capital Territory Andrew Lew
New South Wales Dennis Leung 
Northern Territory Andrew Lew
Queensland Debbie Dornbusch
South Australia Michael Broadbent
Peter Halstead
Tasmania Simone Stewart
Victoria Andrew Lew
Ben Wong
Western Australia Richard Smirk
Page reviewed 29/01/2020