Pharmacy Board Committees

The Board has appointed committees to advise the Board and to make decisions where the Board has delegated powers under the National Law.

The Board’s committees are:

Registration and Examinations Committee

  • Dr Rod Wellard, Chair
  • Mrs Rachel Carr
  • Ms Helen Dowling
  • Mr Trevor Draysey
  • Mr Mark Kirschbaum
  • Ms Bhavini Patel

Finance, Risk and Governance Committee

  • Dr Katherine (Katie) Sloper, Chair
  • Mr Laurence (Ben) Wilkins
  • Mr William (Bill) Kelly
  • Mr Brett Simmonds

Policies, Codes and Guidelines Committee

  • Ms Bhavini Patel, Chair
  • Mr William (Bill) Kelly
  • Dr Katherine (Katie) Sloper
  • Mr Brett Simmonds
  • Ms Karen O’Keefe

Notifications Committee

  • Mr Brett Simmonds, Chair
  • Mrs Rachel Carr
  • Mr Trevor Draysey
  • Ms Karen O’Keefe
  • Mr Michael Piu
  • Ms Susan Alexander (Jurisdictional Member, ACT)
  • Ms Jennifer Bergin (Jurisdictional Member, ACT)
  • Ms Angela Young (Jurisdictional Member, NT)
  • Mrs Joanna Wallace (Jurisdictional Member, NT)
  • Mrs Julianna Neill (Jurisdictional Member, QLD)
  • Mr Peter Mayne (Jurisdictional Member, QLD)
  • Ms Aspasia Hassouros (Jurisdictional Member, SA)
  • Mr Vaughn Eaton (Jurisdictional Member, SA)
  • Ms Suzanne Hickey (Jurisdictional Member, TAS)
  • Mr Mark Dunn (Jurisdictional Member, TAS)
  • Mr Brendon Moar (Jurisdictional Member, VIC)
  • Mr Tim Tran (Jurisdictional Member, VIC)
  • Ms Barbara Kirk (Jurisdictional Member, WA)
  • Ms Anne Chew (Jurisdictional Member, WA) 


Page reviewed 3/01/2017