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Information video for pharmacy students and graduates

This video is most relevant to pharmacy students who are nearing the completion of their approved program of study in Australia and will soon be applying for provisional registration as a pharmacist.

PowerPoint for graduates seeking provisional registration

This PowerPoint explains the requirements and responsibilities of graduates seeking provisional registration to complete an internship.

Graduates of an approved program of study

Graduates of an approved program of study are required to complete a period of supervised practice (internship) in accordance with the requirements set out in the Board’s Registration standard: Supervised practice arrangements to be eligible to apply for general registration. Before any supervised practice can take place, interns are required to hold provisional registration and have their supervised practice arrangements approved by the Board.

Applications for provisional registration and approval of supervised practice

Final year students of an approved pharmacy program of study in Australia can apply:

Alternatively, hard-copies of the following applications must be submitted:

Applicants who graduated from New Zealand or another overseas country should submit an Application for provisional registration and supervised practice - APRO-60 (1.33 MB,PDF).

Requirements for general registration

Interns must complete supervised practice in accordance with the requirements set out in the Board’s Registration standard: Supervised practice arrangements and pass the Board's registration examination which is detailed in the Board’s Registration standard: Examinations for eligibility for general registration.

Internship and supervised practice

Information relating to the internship is provided in the Board's Intern pharmacist and preceptor guide, which is a combined document that replaced the previously published Intern Guide and Preceptor Guide. Further information is also available in FAQ for pharmacy interns and preceptors.

A component of the internship is the development of a site-based training plan to address the competencies required of a pharmacist. The sample community intern training plan and sample hospital intern training plan can be used as a guide in the preparation of the intern’s plan.

Preparation of extemporaneous products also forms part of the internship. The Board has provided the following resources for preceptors and interns

The statutory declaration and six product reports are to be submitted to the co-ordinator of the intern's Intern training program.

Intern training program

The Board’s Registration standard: Supervised practice arrangements outlines that for graduates of an approved pharmacy program of study, the period of supervised practice must include satisfactory completion of an accredited intern training program. This also applies to overseas qualified pharmacists who are required to complete a full internship.

The Board has authorised the Australian Pharmacy Council (APC) to accredit intern training programs in Australia. A list of the accredited programs is published on the APC website. In addition to applying to the Board for provisional registration and approval of supervised practice, an intern must select an accredited intern training program and lodge an enrolment application with the relevant provider of the program.  

Registration Examination

The registration examination comprises a written examination and an oral examination.

The written examination is conducted by the Australian Pharmacy Council (APC). Further information can be found on the APC website.

The oral examination is held in each jurisdiction according to the Schedule of Oral Examinations. An Application for a pharmacy intern to be a candidate for an oral examination (practice) - APOE-60 must be lodged by the published closing date for that examination period. Further information about the oral examination is detailed in the Pharmacy oral examination (practice) candidate guide. This guide was updated in December 2015 with new information on candidate eligibility with reference to the validity of written examination results and closing dates for applications for an oral examination, the examination rules, special consideration for the oral examination and appeal closing dates.

Graduate Applications

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