Codes, Guidelines and Policies

The Pharmacy Board of Australia has developed codes, guidelines and policies to provide guidance to the profession. These also help to clarify the Board’s views and expectations on a range of issues.

Codes and guidelines are approved by the National Board and may be used as evidence of what constitutes appropriate professional conduct or practice for pharmacy in proceedings under the National Law or a law of a co-regulatory jurisdiction against a health practitioner.

Quick reference guide

For ease of reference, the Board has published a quick reference guide to its guidelines, to help pharmacists identify the appropriate document to read.


Document  PDF  Accessible format  Date of effect 
Code of conduct for pharmacists  PDF (144 KB)  Web page 17 March 2014 


Document PDF Accessible format Date of effect
Guideline - Informing a National Board about where you practise  PDF (152 KB)  Word version 
(590 KB,DOCX)
1 August 2018

Guidelines on compounding of medicines

PDF (115 KB)  Word 
(393 KB,DOCX) 
28 April 2015

1 February 2018 for section 6.2 Compounding of sterile injectable medicines
  • Joint statement on compounded medicines – Pharmacy Board of Australia and Medical Board of Australia
PDF (77.5KB)  Word
(695 KB,DOCX)
 24 November 2017
  • Background on the regulation of compounding by pharmacists
PDF (58.3 KB)  Word 
(366 KB,DOCX) 
  • Professional practice profile for pharmacists undertaking complex compounding
PDF (465 KB)  Word 
(103 KB,DOCX) 
Guidelines on continuing professional development PDF (99.7KB)
Word version 
(40.8 KB,DOCX) 
1 December 2015 
Guidelines for dispensing of medicines PDF (114 KB) Word 
(388 KB,DOCX)

7 December 2015

Guidelines on practice-specific issues PDF (59.5 KB) Word 
(370 KB,DOCX)
7 December 2015
  • Guidelines on practice-specific issues - Guideline 1 (List of reference texts for pharmacists)
PDF (48.8 KB) Word 
(363 KB,DOCX)
7 December 2015

Amended on 16 September 2015
Guidelines for proprietor pharmacists PDF (52.2 KB) Word 
(367 KB,DOCX)
7 December 2015
  • Fact sheet - Registration type required by proprietor pharmacists
PDF (179 KB) Word 
(358 KB,DOCX)
2 September 2015
Guidelines on dose administration aids and staged supply of dispensed medicines PDF (74.4 KB) Word 
(374 KB,DOCX)
7 December 2015
Guidelines for mandatory notifications  PDF (149 KB)  Web page  17 March 2014 
Guidelines for advertising regulated health services PDF (155 KB) Web page 17 March 2014


Document PDF Accessible format Date of effect
Social media policy PDF (62.2 KB) Web page 17 March 2014
Common Protocol - Informing notifiers about the reasons for National Board decisions  PDF (91.8KB) Word version 
(58.6 KB,DOCX) 
1 August 2018

Retired Codes and Guidelines

For codes and guidelines that no longer apply, please see Retired Codes and Guidelines.

FAQ and Fact Sheets

For more information, please see FAQ and Fact Sheets.

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